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I help small to medium-sized B2B businesses—and their leaders—look awesome on social media.

Why? My underlying mission is to empower women and men to overcome adversity in their lives, so they can become strong leaders more than capable of pursuing their dreams, their calling and their purpose. How I do this through social media marketing is giving those with a message to share (their purpose) a megaphone (social media systems) to share that message and find their tribe.

Mindi Rosser - B2B Marketing and Community BuildingI am a Midwesterner from the cornfields of Indiana. My eclectic professional background began with a paper route to working in retail to NYC urban missions to social services in rehab centers to directing fitness at a retirement village. After moving to California, I began mentoring beneath social media powerhouse, Starr Hall, before working at a marketing agency and moving into marketing management at a San Francisco startup. All that before discovering my niche in working 100% remotely doing social business strategy & programs management at The Conversion Company and consulting on social media for SMB clients.

A community-oriented B2B social media marketer with agency, consulting and startup experience, I craft niche social media marketing programs and manage their day-to-day operations. I specialize in building integrated social media marketing programs, social media employee advocacy programs, influencer outreach and social selling programs—find out more here. I am most passionate about building and engaging with B2B communities using an authentic marketing approach. If I had to categorize myself as maker or manager, I do prefer the making over the managing.

I am a 2016 graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program. I considered going back to school for my (second) Bachelor’s degree before being honest with myself about the thousands of hours I’d be spending on pointless classwork that may not teach me what I really need to know to become a better businesswoman. Instead, I embraced my autodidact nature and am working through The Personal MBA to be completed by end of 2018.

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