5 Clues That Hot Startup Job Isn’t Right For You

Are you a trying to land a workshifting job with a fast-growing startup through scouring job descriptions? You can learn a lot by looking for trigger words. More companies are open to workshifters these days, but these five trigger phrases in a job description will let you know who’s NOT. Since I prefer to be 100% remote with maybe 1-2 days in the office monthly—if that—I avoid any jobs that have two or more of these phrases.

  1. Team Building. Many startups want you to be a part of intensive team building. If this is important to them, they will use more than one variation of the term. Be cautious about pursuing the opportunity, as most companies define team building as “being in the office a lot.”
  1. Open Office. Take this as a clue that the company thinks an open office is paramount to its company culture. One of my former bosses informed me that I needed to spend more time in the office, so I could overhear the conversations that the sales team had on an almost minute-by-minute basis. Talk about crazy-making when you are trying to develop a white paper!
  1. Attend, Conduct or Participate in Meetings. If you see this word listed more than once in the job description, you can expect that the company will want you to be there for “in-person meetings.” Many have not discovered the value of Facetime, Google Hangouts and Skype to conduct and attend meetings.
  1. Collaboration. Many companies laud collaboration as one of their desired traits in an employee. Unless they explicitly state that collaboration can happen in different channels or in a flexible working environment, the company will most likely expect you to collaborate “in-person” with colleagues. Be wary, if you do your best work independently and without colleagues present.
  1. How great the company culture is. If a company raves about their company culture, they are typically referring to their culture “in the office.” This could be a sign that they will want you to be physically present to contribute to their company culture on a regular—if not daily—basis.

Those are my top five trigger phrases that give me insight when I’m on the job-hunt or contacted by a headhunter with “a great opportunity.” My solution to finding a great remote job at a remote company is by subscribing to remotive.io to find out about the newest 100% remote jobs!

Your Turn: Do you have any other trigger phrases or words to add to this list? Where do you look online to find remote job opportunities? Tweet me or email me to share your tips!