5 Tips for Lifestyle-Exercise Balance

  Attempting to balance your hectic life and maintain an effective exercise program can often be daunting.  Conjured images of mindless hours wasted on the treadmill discourage you.  A session of profuse sweating in kickboxing followed by rigorous strength-training makes you feel overwhelmed.  Are you required to be dubbed a “gym rat” to obtain coveted results? Is two hours of exercise the minimum requirement to reach your goals? Being allotted a maximum of 24 hours per day, you must learn how to prioritize your life to become a well-balanced individual.  Each can benefit from the following tips for success.


Designate a time.

This is foremost in getting in shape for life.  Everyone follows a schedule whether you realize that fact or not.  The secret is to arrange your schedule in the most productive manner for YOU.  If you are energetic in the mornings, choose to start your day with a few minutes of calisthenics, a brisk walk, or some body-weight exercises.  Add 10 minutes to your morning or evening routine daily.


Maximize your workouts.

You may believe you must spend an hour exercising for benefited health.  One technique of personal trainers and professional athletes is to perform as many exercises as possible within a limited time span.  For instance, after you complete a set of dumbbell curls, immediately execute a set of triceps presses.  By alternating between muscle groups instead of resting, you will be able to perform a 45-minute workout in less than 30 minutes.  Your metabolism will also be revved for the remainder of the day.


Prepare ahead of time.

Make sure that your gym bag is packed the night prior to your workout.  Pull together any clothes, gym equipment, and post-workout protein shakes. You will then be equipped to head to the gym, the park, or the running trails before/after work.  Preparation is key to a fulfilling life.


Minor activity for major results.

When do you have a few extra minutes during your day?  While sitting at your desk, perform periodic 5-minute series of chair stretches.  Take a brisk walk around your workplace before eating lunch.  Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs.  Park a distance from the entrance to the grocery store.  There are many little steps you can take towards improving your fitness.


Effective Eating for Energy.

Ensure that you eat enough calories in the correct balance 4-6 times throughout your day.  This will take some planning, as you will most likely need to pack your snacks and lunch before you leave for work.  A good balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, lean proteins, and fruits/vegetables is required for optimum performance.  Avoid that afternoon slump, as you keep your energy levels high all day.


These five tips will assist you in balancing your busy life with physical activity.  Sit down with your schedule and make the necessary adjustments.  No regrets will mar your emerging active lifestyle.  Make each effort count towards your ultimate fitness aspirations.