7 Rules for Smomming

Life’s about adjustments!  And I had to make a big adjustment went I went from being a carefree single girl to having an instant family.  Today I share the 7 rules that helped our family make the transition.

Here’s the transcript if you would rather read than view:

What’s a Smom? It’s our definition for Stepmom. My stepdaughter and I came up with it after several brainstorming sessions of what to call me!

Here’s my story in a nutshell: I was a happily single woman with no kids when I met my hubby. He had a 9-year-old daughter when we married. I was NEVER a “kid person,” so I was a bit overwhelmed when I took on the title of “stepmom.” When I tried to find resources for girls/guys like me, I found little out there on the web about this scenario. Therefore, I had to go through a bit of trial and error before I hit my stride, and I still fall flat on my face sometimes! :)

My 7 Rules of Smomming:

1. Don’t feel guilty or expect yourself to feel the same attachment as a birth parent.

2. Embrace the dynamics of your relationship.

3. It’s okay to feel more like big sister and little sister/brother.

4. Never make the rules yourself. Always lean on the birth parent to make the rules and enforce them. Allow him/her to be the “bad guy” when necessary.

5. If you need space, ask for it.

6. Talk to your partner about ANY issues before they get too big.

7. Seek outside support when you’re going through the initial transition.

Are you a Smom or do you know any other Smoms out there who might have some words of advice? I’d love to get some additional tips on my journey, as I’ll become a Mom, in addition to being a Smom…any day now!