A Counterculture Christmas

Do you feel like Christmas gets out of control sometimes?  We’ve made some major changes in the way we are celebrating Christmas this year.  Today we talk about the comparisons and contrasts from this year to last.

Here’s the transcript for those who prefer print to video:

Happy Holidays from the Rossers! This year, we decided that less is more for the holidays. Now, if that ain’t counterculture, I don’t know what is.

Last year…

  • Christmas was a “big deal” and needed to be treated as such.
  • We spent more on expensive gifts, like a bike for our daughter, which she has ridden a total of 3 times!
  • I was trying to “prove” that I could be a great Smom (step-mom) and felt pressured to express that through gifts for our daughter.
  • Our good deed - We were secret angels for one of our friends who was a single mom. Bought them a Christmas shopping spree.

This year…

  • Christmas is yet another special day for us to spend together as a family.
  • I have given my stepdaughter the greatest gift of all, having a Stay-at-home-Smom. Making homemade meals and taking care of the household.
  • Only buying for immediate family members. $100 total spending limit for each immediate family member’s gifts. Even did some bartering for Christmas gifts this year to save moola.
  • Our good deed - Reaching out to people “in real life” through our actions, rather than money.

The biggest difference when I compare this Christmas to last Christmas is the feeling of contentment each of us have.

  • Our daughter has not even asked for ANYTHING for Christmas this year, even when we try to ask her what she’d like. She’s been spending more time getting gifts for her friends and family and doing some “random acts of kindness” around the neighborhood. She’s been teaching ME a lot this season about the true meaning of Christmas.
  • My hubby asked me to take his $100 gift money and use it towards buying gifts for the rest of the family. He said there is nothing he really wants for Christmas either besides being able to spend more time with the family. It’s all “just stuff."

Your Turn: How are you celebrating your counterculture Christmas?