A Day in the Life of a Productivity Nerd and a New Mom


This month, our focus on the blog and web show was productivity. We’ve chatted about tips, tricks, procrastination, scheduling, lists and more. Let’s have some fun now!  

Today, I’m going to pull it all together for you in a real, live case study. Here's a raw snapshot of what a productive day might look like for me right now.


Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I’m just 5 weeks postpartum, so my life has never looked quite like this before. The biggest lesson I’m learning is how to adjust when I am not always 100% in control. Also, I realize that what constitutes a productive day for me right now looks nothing like even two months ago, let alone a year ago.


3:30 am - Wondering if it’s too early in the morning to wake up my husband. Decide that if I’m awake, he should be, too. Wake up hubby.


3:45 am - Try the “Ninja slip” to pass off baby to hubby while I go Aeropress some Bulletproof Coffee. Let dogs out. Clean up any messes they made in their pen during the night.


4:00 am - Finish making BP coffee. Baby is either screaming to eat or is angelically snuggling with Daddy.


4:15 am - Sip our BP coffee together while we brainstorm about “next steps” for our family. Touch base about our tasks and schedule. Just enjoy each other’s company.


4:45 am - Begin social media tasks for Quri. Read industry newsletters, curate dozens of articles and try to get to Inbox Zero. Fill out my social calendar for all channels for the day. (All while feeding the baby.)


5:45 am - Get dressed (sometimes) and head downstairs to get hubby ready for work. Blend up one more cup of BP coffee for him. Make him a paleo breakfast with freshly juiced green veggies. Pack his lunch. Kiss him goodbye. (All while trying to keep baby calm wearing her in the Boba.)


6:30 am - Kiss hubby goodbye. Try to clean up the kitchen, start laundry and minor cleaning while baby is hopefully still asleep in the Boba.


7:30 am - Blend up another BP coffee for myself. Feed baby while I check my own emails, prioritize tasks for the day and check social media. Maybe, even squeeze in a shower.


8:25 am - Take 11-year-old daughter to school, usually with a screaming baby in the car seat.


8:45 am - Take baby out of car seat and try to calm her enough to feed her. Work on first “big task” of the day.


9:30 am - Decide whether it’s time for a real breakfast. Have some poached eggs and veggies with LOTS of butter.


9:45 am - Eat breakfast and feed baby. Check in with Quri’s social channels and email. Continue with “big task.”


10:30 am - Take a stretch break. Hopefully, pick up around the house and prep food for dinner, as long as baby is not screaming.


11:30 am - Continue working on “big tasks.” Check emails and social channels. (All while feeding baby.)


12:30 pm - Eat lunch. Feed baby. Do some online household management.


1:30 pm - Write something.


2:35 pm - Go to pick up our 11-year-old from school. Feed baby in car.


3:00 pm - Daughter and Smom bonding time.


3:30 pm - Afternoon snack. Check emails and social channels. Prep dinner, if baby is not too fussy.


4:30 pm - Greet hubby. Talk about our day. Hang out in the living room with baby. Have a cup of Bulletproof Hot Cocoa for dinner.


5:30 pm - Start getting ready for bed with baby. Maybe, take a quick shower while hubby holds baby. Check emails and the online world one more time.


6:30 pm - Get to bed with hubby. Do some manifesting together about our future. Nurse baby to sleep. Maybe, watch an episode of Justified to relax.


7:00 pm - Lights out. Already looking forward to our 3:30 am morning with BP coffee. Zzzzzzz


That’s a real day-in-the-life. Some days feel more productive than others. It’s not a system. It’s not a checklist. It’s not a packed calendar.It’s all about getting done what I can, in the time that I do have, with the energy I have available in the moment. To me, that’s productivity.


Your Turn: What would a day in your life look like? No need to be as detailed, but in a quick sentence or two.