Assistant Tools or How to Keep Up With Mindi!

As an assistant, you wish there was a magic wand that you could use to manage all of your bosses. And as a virtual assistant you wish for that even more. But even with Halloween upon us that magic wand just doesn’t exist. So we have to do things the old fashioned way, we have to work at it. But there are things we can do to make our job easier and provide the results our clients expect.

The most important component with any client/assistant relationship is communication. The better the communication, the stronger the team. And it does not have to be verbal communication. Mindi and I rarely connect verbally. One of the keys to being a good assistant is communicating in the medium that the client prefers. In Mindi’s case that is email and Asana, her preferred choice for a project management system. I have used several project management systems and agree that Asana is my preference for all of the reasons that Mindi stated in her blog post.

It’s also an advantage if you are managing your client’s email. If you’re seeing the same emails she is, then you have a better idea of what is going on in the business and can often provide solutions to problems before your client knows there is a problem. Who wouldn’t like to see solutions at the same time that they see the problem? Talk about a time saver!

It’s also important to realize you don’t have to know it all. One of the things I especially enjoy about being a virtual assistant is that even though I am in business for myself and work from home I am not alone. I belong to several Facebook groups comprised of virtual assistants who are more than willing to share their expertise. When Mindi asks me if there is a way to do something and I am totally clueless I am able to present the problem to one of my groups and most of the time someone has had a similar situation and can provide advice.

And the simplest but probably most important tool is the ever faithful calendar. In this case it needs to be used to schedule time for each client or project. If you don’t have a plan you’ll just be putting out fires and losing a lot of productivity. Use your calendar in conjunction with your project management system and you have your to-do list and sure fire way to get things done.

What tools do you use to work with your assistant? Please let us know and as Mindi always says, go rock your week!