Should Authors Shoot Videos?

Arthur Asks: I’m an unknown and unpublished author. I’m considering making videos of me reading my short stories, then putting them on YouTube. I suppose that sharing them across social really would be spam, but it’s not like I’d post every ten minutes. Should I do it?

Mindi Answers: Here are three YouTube options for new, unpublished authors.

1. Start with book reviews.

Instead of reading excerpts of your book or short stories, first try reviewing well-known authors’ books. This worked well for me and several other the successful indie authors.

Not only will you demonstrate credibility as a reader with good taste in books, you will also establish yourself as a supportive author.

Learn how to share these reviews across social without sounding “spammy.”

2. Make a few teasers about your book/stories to gauge interest.

Once you’ve built up your credibility by reviewing several books, you might be ready to test your audience. Make a quick video about your story to “tease” what’s to come.

Even if you do not get hundreds of views, you will have created a video “pitch” for your story. You will be able to use this when you pitch your book to a small publisher or agent.

3. Join Goodreads.

Yes, you’ve probably heard that a million times before from all “the gurus.” Still, it’s the place online where readers like to hang out.

Becoming a widely read author begins with reader relationships and building trust. That enough to get you started?

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