Bearded Caveman Phenomena by Ernie Ramsey

Happy Movember! Please welcome our first guest poster, Ernie Ramsey, to the blog today. He chimes in with his countercultural perspective on the "modern man." I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. My own hubby is one of these "bearded guys." :) Now, here's Ernie...

Duck dynasty, the beards are back.  Not just on rednecks in Lousiana, but on nerds in NYC, who sport bushy beards along with their hipster glasses.  From the streets of California to the formerly beardless suburban males, beards are everywhere.  Caveman diet.  Crossfit.

The more that mainstream culture pushes the metrosexual genderless persona, the more the counterculture men of this society revolt.  Why the beards?  Why the long hair again, reminiscent of the 60s and 70s Woodstock generation?  Beards say,  “I am a man.  In fact, I may even be a caveman! I don’t dislike or hate anyone without a beard.  I am not prejudiced.  I just am a he-man.

Society, you can try to pressure me into skinny jeans, but I will wear my Carhartts and Levis and comfortable cargo pants.

Society, you can try to tell me its “healthy” to be a vegan, but I will remind you of the richest most brilliant man in the world – Steve Jobs – who died an early death, while I eat my “man meat.”

Who has the shaved faces now?   Politicians, fundamentalists, metrosexuals.  But watch out, world, the 'manly man" is back, and is here to stay. ”


Your Turn: What do you think of the bearded men phenomena? Would you consider it countercultural?