Bio-Hacking 101 for Non-Nerds

Are you interested in tweaking your habits to become a better performer?Then you will be interested in learning bio-hacking with us in the Mindi Zone.

Here’s the transcript for those who prefer to read:

Hey everyone!It’s Mindi Rosser from and today we’re talking about bio-hacking 101 for non-nerds.And you may hear my bulldog snoring in the background.Some sound effects for all of you.

So what is bio-hacking?Basically is learning some tips and some ways that you can hack your biology, hack your performance, hack your diet.There are so many different things you can hack by doing a new habit usually.So for instance, here’s an example.You can hack your mental performance by drinking Bulletproof coffee.I’m such a big fan, you’ll hear me talk about the Bulletproof executive all the time.But that’s one way you can do a bio-hack.

Another bio-hack would be maximizing your sleep by drinking magnesium before bed.Another bio-hack would be changing up your diet so you’re feeling your best whether it’s low-carb, whether it’s higher carb, whether it’s medium carb.Whether it’s real food or paleo.Whatever your way of feeling good is that’s what you should go with.

We’re going to be talking about bio-hacking on this month.I’m really excited to talk about because I’m very new to bio-hacking.I’ve been very interested in health for a long time but bio-hacking is taking it to the next level.And I’m ready to do that and I want to talk about it.Most of us are not nerdy, we’re not wearing a bunch of gadgets or trying to map out our heart rate variability spreadsheets.Now I want to get there some day, I’m just not there yet.You can see I have a little one, Mikayla and I’m breastfeeding her.And between freelancing and doing my job, and being a mom and a smom and having a crazy bulldog over there in the background and travelling around the US in an RV you can see I have my hands full.

I like to keep bio-hacking simple and to the point and that’s what you get on the Mindi Zone, simple and to the point.Plus what’s practical.I can’t stand stuff that’s kind of weird and out there.I want things that fit into my lifestyle because I’m very much a minimalist.And being a minimalist and a bio-hacker can be a little bit challenging sometimes because you need a lot of stuff to bio-hack.

So that’s my take on bio-hacking and I can’t wait to talk about it more.This is pretty much just an intro into that series.Now if you want to follow all of my RV adventures then just click the link in this video.You’ll see it popping up in the corner here and it will take you to my daily log about RV living with a family of four plus a grumpy English bulldog.That’s where I have all my other videos in case you see me around the web.I like to talk about different topics.Anyway I can’t wait to talk to you next week when we’ll talk more about bio-hacking and five easy ways you can bio-hack for under ten dollars.

All right, see you then!