Five Free Ways to Biohack Your Body (or Biohacking with My Redneck Pappy)


Bewildered by all the sages pressuring you to invest thousands of dollars in their biohacks? How about you start with these five freebies. I’ve spent a lot of money on supplements, coaches, diet plans and all sorts of gadgetry. What I should have done instead was to listen to my redneck daddy’s advice “way back when.”


‘Nuff said. Let’s jump right in.


1. Walk around outside barefoot during warm-enough weather. This is called “earthing” and has a bit of a hippie connotation. Regardless, it works. Forget about buying earthing sheets and sleep induction mats(unless you really want to). Just get your two feet touching grass each day for a few minutes, preferably in the morning. My dad has a clubbed foot, so he does not go places without shoes, but he always encouraged us kids to do it.


What I do: If I’m not too rushed in the morning to whip up my Bulletproof Coffee, I’ll walk around on the dewy morning grass while I let the dog out to potty. Otherwise, I’ll lie on the ground instead of a lawn chair for my daily dose of Vitamin D during the afternoon.


2. Get your Vitamin D naturally...a boost of feel-good hormones. Instead of paying a lot for supplements, all you really need is about 15-20 minutes daily (a bit more if you have a darker complexion) of unfiltered sunlight during the day. My dad tanned easily and always seemed to get just the right amount of sun.


What I do: I have a very fair complexion, so I am careful to use a natural sunscreenon my face and always cover my face with a hand towel. I do not put sunscreen on the rest of my body. I do not tan well in the sunlight, though I can tan in a tanning bed. Regardless, I ensure that I work up my sun tolerance starting from about 5-7 minutes daily to the optimal 15-20 minutes. When I come back inside, I feel incredibly invigorated and get my sweat on! Tip--Don’t wash off until 20 minutes after you finish sunning because your body needs that time to absorb the Vitamin D.


3. Work up a sweat. It sounds too simple, but you wouldn’t believe how much people are paying for saunas, personal trainers, gym memberships, hair mineral analysis and even detoxification retreats. My dad always told me that I was "doing my body good" when I would sweat off my plastered-on makeup as a teenager. I’d roll my eyes. He’d laugh now, as I am a bit of a sweat-a-holic.


What I do: Get my Vitamin D naturally (see above). I enjoy working out, so I get a sweat on there. I do bouts of metabolic activities throughout my work day (i.e. 100 burpees, quad blasts, etc.) I don’t use air conditioning, unless it’s unbearable. I don’t use antiperspirant. I live in a very warm climate. I’d love to get a near infared sauna someday.


4. Salt everything. Yes, add salt to your meals. Forget the trendy “low sodium” or “salt-free” labels. Get yourself a nice big bag of pink Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt and douse everything in salt. Salt keeps your body hydrated and is especially important if you do intense exercise. My dad always carried a salt shaker with him in his cooler, just in case.


What I do: I drink a glass of salted water (about 1/2 tsp) with a juiced lemon in the morning before my coffee. I use pink Himalayan salt on all my meals. If I’m feeling a bit dehydrated during the day, I’ll salt a glass of water and drink up.


5. Try a variant of fasting. Weird one to include here, but it’s an ancient practice that many cultures have practiced for thousands of years for different reasons. I look at it as a cleansing, detoxifying and convenient way to minimize my own food prep. My dad fasts at least 1-2x/week, and I’m sure that it’s how he’s kept himself so youthful! 


Until a year ago, I had symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia and never could get through a fast without feeling dizzy, faint and extremely cranky. I assumed fasting required refraining from ALL types of food. What I discovered is that there are different types of fasts.


What I do: I practice Bulletproof intermittent fasting, when it feels right to me. This just means eating for a window of 6-8 hours and fasting from protein and carbs the rest of the time. I can still have my Bulletproof drinks and eat fat for energy. It’s incredibly freeing not to depend on protein/carbs for energy. I also do a weekly protein-sparing fast. I consume less than 15-25g of protein (from any and all sources) during the day. I can eat carbs and fat to satiety.


So, there you have it. Five ways to biohack your own body for FREE!


Your Turn: Have any free biohacks that you’d like to share? Share this on social with your biohack or shoot me an email.