On Writing: An Ode to Style

  Asking a writer to define style is akin to asking a painter to define art.  Easily recognizable yet challenging to create, style is the elusive characteristic of quality journalism.  Drawing the reader from the beeping blackberry to my painstakingly crafted manuscript, my style reveals mastery.  Mastery of the word.  Conquest of the fragment.  Shaping of the mind.  Tweaking of the psyche.  Style equivocates power.


From styles’ basic elements, we discover truth.  Jots and tittles form letters.  Letters arrange words.  Words comprise fragments.  Fragments augment description. Description livens sentences.  Sentences create paragraphs.  Paragraphs swell chapters.  Chapters tell stories.  Stories are the building blocks of human existence.  From infancy to toddlerhood, picture books teach us about life. Without stories to decipher truth, how could we mature into apt adults?


Style.  Style gives the writer freedom to express emotions through the printed word.  Lifeless words breathe wisps of comprehension into the listener’s ear. Prior misconceptions surrender to dawning realization.  Shaping the minds of the seasoned senior to the impressionable youth, style sweetens the palate for literature. Gifted writers innately wield this tool throughout their manuscripts.  Unsuspecting readers cannot pinpoint what distinguishes an article as engaging versus uninteresting.  As a videographer strategizes his viewpoints for the screen, a master writer develops his style for the intended reader. Secret tactical weapon?  Affirmative.


Perfecting my style grants me liberty to invade the mind with my perceptions of reality.  My truths swallow previous beliefs with probing questions.  Reconsidering once believed facts, the reader changes stance upon my biased information.  Unaware of the slanted paradigm, his psyche considers my proposals to be developments of his own imagination.  Power presides in my pen.


Defining my style is a challenge in itself.  Two personas affect my writings.  Duplicity of authorship provides me license as a two-faced writer.  Fiction allows pursuit of darkest fantasies, while non-fiction platforms my expertise in health and wellness.  My two obsessions co-exist beneath the name M.E. Anders.


Wearing my fictitious mask, I morph into the sly storyteller penning lies to teach truth.  Undetectably woven into a make-believe plot, morality trumps the dark side.  Evil is vanquished through a showdown of heroism.  The purpose of this style is to elicit readers’ suspension of reality while experiencing voracious intrigue. Synonymous with my novel is page-turner.  Adventure. Suspense. Thrill.


Corralling my fitness knowledge into practical tidbits, I indulge my left-brain activity.  By grounding myself in scientific fact, I combine knowledge with hands-on experience.  My goal in non-fiction writing is to directly inspire through straightforward articles.  Myths abound in the fitness industry, and I single-handedly seek to silence them with witty retaliations.


Define style for yourself.  Whether you are an artist, fashion designer, sports enthusiast, music producer, mid-level manager, or white-tied-CEO, you emanate style through your actions, your words.  Spoken or written, style characterizes every aspect of life.  My style is mine to bestow upon my realm of influence.  Recruit your unique style to propel you towards your purpose.