Why I Eat A Real Foods Diet

A lot of us eat a certain way so we can either lose weight or look good. A lot of times we don't eat for mental performance. Today we're talking about making that transition.

And here’s the transcript for those who prefer to read: Hey everyone. It’s Mindi Rosser from mindizone.com and Mikayla and today I’m talking about why I eat a real foods diet.


A lot of us eat a certain way so we can either lose weight or look good. But a lot of times we don’t eat for mental performance. So what I’m doing right now, which is different than I’ve ever done in my life before this. I was always obsessed with my looks. So my dieting always tended to be geared toward whatever made me look better. I never was focused on my mental performance. And now it’s all about my mental performance.


I still like to kick ass in the gym but I also want my brain functioning at optimum levels. So I’m trying some bio-hacks and one of the biggest ones is eating real foods. I’ve been experimenting with different diets and I do like the bulletproof diet right now for that. But I’m not sure how that’s going to work with my training though.


Because my training is a little bit more crossfit-esgue. I’m not a cross-fitter by any means but it is very, very intense. I don’t think I get enough carbs to support that on the bulletproof lifestyle so I am upping my carbs a little bit and seeing how that affects my mental performance. I do feel better mentally when I’m functioning just on keytones.


That means eating a high fat diet. I can function a lot better mentally. It was a bit of a transition there when I transitioned off the high carb/moderate carb diet to a lower carb diet. So there’s a bit of an adjustment there.


In conclusion, just eat what works for you and keep it really, really simple. The bulletproof diet is really simple. Once I figured out how to do it there was a little bit of a learning curve when I first started the bulletproof diet so it took me a little while to figure out how to do it simply. But if you look on my blog this week you will see a post about what I eat on a day to day basis. And it’s really simple. It’s the same thing day-in and day-out. I do switch up a couple things for variety which is really, really nice. It keeps it interesting. Eat for mental performance if that’s what you’re after. Or if you’re after the physical and looking good, then eat for that. But it all depends on what you’re after at this stage in your life. And go with it. Enjoy it. Be different then your friends. Be different then your family. It’s okay. Eat what makes you feel good so you can go rock your week.


Now if you have any comments or questions or just would like to connect about diets or eating styles, I’m always curious what other people are doing especially if you are into the bio-hacking realm. So shoot me an email to mindizone@gmail.com and I will see you next week.