Book Review: Break Free from the Slushpile

  Break Free from the Slushpile is a basic manual to prepare a newbie writer for publishing.


If you are a reader, you may wonder how a book goes from the author's computer to getting published. It's not as simple as just writing a good book. There is an often lengthy process for the average author: revising the book, querying agents, pitching the story to agents, signing with the ideal agent, waiting for the agent to contact her editor friends, more waiting for the story to get read by the publishers, waiting for news of acceptance from the publisher, getting a deal, signing the deal, publicity preparation...and the list goes on. Most do not achieve stardom within the first year of their writing career. It can take years, if not a decade or more.


If you are a writer, you may have struggled in this flooded marketplace with thousands of other competent writers. I found C.J. Lyons' post to be incredibly beneficial to my planning for a writing career. She provides practical tips and valuable resources for the fledgling author, whether or not you are going the traditional or indie/self-published route.


Here are three reasons why I liked the book:


- Well-written and organized book.

- C.J. Lyons can speak from personal experience as a struggling newbie to a successful career novelist.

- The book empowers new authors to take control of their own writing careers.