Book Review: Get Known Before the Book Deal

  Are you seeking to grow your fiction or non-fiction platform as an aspiring author. From the first to last page of Get Known Before the Book Deal, Christina Katz shepherds the newbie through the maze of social media, networking, blogging, and self-promotion. Whether you are a shy introvert or a raucous extrovert, you will find methods to employ your strategy for writing promotion. Struggling to find your niche? This is THE book for you!


The book is divided into three parts: Platform Ready, Platform Set, and Platform Grow. If you are a beginner, start with Part One. If you have already established a blog and social media presence, skim Part One while delving deeply into Part Two. If you are ready to push your limits, use the tips in Part Three to catapult your presence from mediocre to stellar.


Personally, I have used this book as a textbook. Each chapter provides exercises to accomplish, which build upon each other - a solid foundational approach. Working my way through this book has allowed me to discover my writing niche platform. For several months, I had wrestled with my focus. Now, I have a goal, a purpose, a reason to write.


P.S. - Most libraries carry this edition, if you are a cheapskate, like me.