Book Review: Good People by Marcus Sakey

  Since Marcus Sakey is a local thriller author (Chicago, IL), I decided to read Good People. Available at my public library, I was excited to listen to the audio version of this fast-paced thriller. Though my iPod mixed up some of the tracks in this book, I listened to the majority of the story in chronological order.


The premise of the book is interesting: What happens to everyday Good People when they fall into sticky situations?


Intriguing question, right? What would I do if I found $400,000 in my imaginary tenant’s kitchen? Those were the thoughts constantly running through my head.


What would YOU do in that situation?


Many contemporary thrillers seem to lack depth. Not Good People. Sakey wove his theme through the narrative in a not-so-subtle manner, but it worked. After each chapter, I imagined myself as one of the characters in yet another conundrum from my bad choices. Now what would I do?


Point of view in the novel is another noticeable technique. As writers, we are cautioned against head-hopping between the characters in a given scene. Sakey knows that “rule,” but he broke it marvelously. Sometimes, I was jolted out of the story to switch perspectives from Tom to Anna. I still could follow the story.


Thrillers should have that page-turning quality to them. That’s one of the telling characteristics. Sakey delivered. I could hardly stop listening to this book long enough to catch up on my favorite pod casts. I was obsessed with the story till the last page.


Give it a read (or a listen). Let me know what you think.