Book Review: Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis

  The elusive Fountain of Youth preoccupies the minds of our population in this Dr. Oz inspired media delusion. Whole Grains or Low Carbs? High protein or Vegetarian? How can one determine the path to blissful health with the plethora of contradicting science-supported nutritional plans?


Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis seeks to demystify the path to wellness through its information overloaded pages. His approach to healing employs the use of a pyramid as a graphic explanation. This pyramid illustrates the following information. One cause of sickness: unruly cells. Two problems: toxicity or deficiency. Six methods to heal: superior nutrition, minimization of toxins, psychological well-being, physical exercise/management, genetic manipulations, and medical remedies.


Some studies are cited. Personal experience is too heavily emphasized. Most of his recommendations are merely speculation. A few do have merit, but they are better explained elsewhere. Being well-read in nutrition and health, I still learned a few tips to integrate into my life. One could not practically apply all of his suggestions to enhance wellbeing. Even I felt overwhelmed by the seeming toxicity of my own life according to Francis, and I am an educated wellness consultant, local food advocate and holistic adherent.


If you are still interested in the book, I advise you borrow it from your local public library. After reading the edition, decide for yourself whether or not it's a worthwhile addition to your bookshelf.