Rediscovering The Artist's Way with Julia Cameron

Ever felt stuck or creatively blocked? Stilted artists might find The Artist's Way to be the salvation of their artistic pursuits. Through the step-by-step, twelve-week-program, Julia Cameron leads the artist through a revival of dampened dreams. Whether you are a writer, painter, sculptor, screenwriter, or musician, this book will invigorate dormant aspirations. Foremost, Cameron advises two practices that should be accomplished during each week. First of all one begins the practice of morning pages - three stream-of-consciousness written pages penned immediately upon rising in the morning. Secondly, a weekly Artist Date should be scheduled. This Date is to be a couple of hours of solitary activity to inspire one's artist self. 

The Course: One chapter is to be read at the beginning of each week. At the end of each chapter are four to ten exercises that should be completed during that week. Each of the exercises is pertinent to active recovery from past hindrances to creativity. One would be surprised at the memories which resurface, only to be quenched upon completion of the program.

On a personal note, I have finished each exercise in this book, along with the morning pages. After working through the book, I morphed into the artist I had always imagined myself to be. This book has revolutionized my perception of self and my relationship with writing. Conquering demons of the past and hurdling prior roadblocks, I experience unbridled freedom to be the only person I CAN be...Mindi.


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