Book Review: The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins

  Are you a former creationist or Intelligent Design enthusiast? After growing up in an IFB (independent fundamental baptist) cult, I was clueless about evolution upon emergence. All I had heard about evolution was that "man came from monkeys." I needed to study the basics of evolutionary theory before I came to my conclusion about earth's having a creator.


Richard Dawkins is a vocal atheist trumpeting science as incompatible with fundamentalist religion (if not all religion.) Becoming an atheist sparked my critical thinking skills from dormancy into action. I chose The Greatest Show on Earth as my introductory lesson to Evolution.


I would recommend this book to the following five groups:


- Those who are newly deconverted from Christianity.

- Christians questioning the validity of Creationism or Intelligent Design.

- Religious leaders seeking to explain the origins of the world to their congregations.

- Anyone who needs a refresher course about the basics of evolution.

- Brainwashed religious cult survivors.

  Readers: What other books would you recommend to someone new to evolution? Any other favorite scientific authors you enjoy? Carl Sagan is next on my to be read list for evolution self-education.