Book Review: Thinking Straight by Robin Reardon

  Thinking Straight follows the journey of a Christian teen coming out as gay to his family and community. As a result, he is sent off to be cured at a Christian Reform School.


I read this book as part of my research into the gay Christian community. My own father struggled to suppress his gay lifestyle because of his conservative Christian beliefs. He put himself through reform programs and ex-gay retreats to no avail. He died feeling shame and regret because he could not resolve the two as co-existent. Therefore, I have a keen interest in the interplay between the GLBT crowd and fundamentalist Christianity.


I would recommend this book to three groups of people:


  1. Gay teenagers - who are struggling to come out to their family and friends
  2. Christian parents of gay teenagers
  3. Members of conservative or fundamentalist churches - who might pass judgment on the GLBT community


The plot was predictable, but the story was geared for a YA audience, not a 20-something (like me.) If you are interested in the darker side of Christian fundamentalism and alternative lifestyles, this is a book for you.