Can Authenticity Be a Business Model?

“To thine own self be true.” It’s been a long time since I was in school but back in the day that quote by William Shakespeare was pounded into me. Especially by my English teachers. And I would nod yes, and think I will always be true to myself, that’s a no-brainer. Then I grew up and life happened. And over the years we don’t even realize that our ‘self’ is slipping away and we get farther and farther away from ‘true’.  

It has been my distinct, great fortune as I have started my virtual assistance business to find three clients that provide marketing, Mindi Rosser, Desiree Wolfe and Amanda Goldman-Petri. The reason I say distinct, great fortune is because I suck at marketing. My experience has been in the corporate world where the only ‘marketing’ I did was trying to figure out what job I wanted next. So I have been especially interested in how these three present themselves and how they provide marketing.


Though they have different styles and different ideal client bases, there is one thing that is true about each of them. They know who they are. I live in Minnesota and try to support the Minnesota Vikings, when they’re not looking like a B league team which is quite often. And there is a quote by Dennis Green, the former coach of the Vikings, that you will see on Sports Center now and then that goes “they were who we thought they were.” If you look at the public persona of each of these three women and then get to work with them as I have you would realize ‘they are who they say they are’.


I know some people look at marketing and think of synonyms like slimy, snake oil salesman or worse. So I would recommend if you’re looking for someone to help with marketing that you look to their core, get to know them and see what drives them. Make sure they are true to themselves, that they are authentic and that their core values match yours. If you do that you’ll not regret a single dollar you spend marketing your business.