Can You Really Win in the Marketing Game?

I like words. They can be very powerful but sometimes it seems like we just toss them around without any rhyme or reason. I was in the store picking up some toothpaste the other day and noticed something interesting. I had so many choices even within my preferred brand. I noticed one that claimed to provide ‘full protection’ but then I found another one within the same brand for only $0.50 more that provided ‘complete protection’. Seriously? I was a little baffled since I always considered full and complete to mean the same thing but then I thought, that’s just marketing.  

That was my opinion of marketing before joining the Mindi Zone. Some fancy suit sitting in a glass tower in some big city thinking of how many different words he could use to sell the same thing. And no, I probably didn’t have a very high opinion of marketers. ‘Shyster’ would often come to mind when I heard the word marketer or marketing.


And marketing is something I struggle with in my own business. I’ve been in corporate all my life and now I’m responsible for marketing my business. Figuring that out has been an interesting experience. Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to work for three marketers including Mindi. And they all pretty much have the same general message. Be yourself, be authentic and build relationships.


As Mindi’s assistant I’ve had the opportunity to watch her develop fledgling relationships into blossoming business opportunities. She does this by following her passions. An encounter on Twitter with someone sharing one of her passions allows her to build a business relationship that benefits them both. And since they share the same passion she will actually care whether the business she is trying to market succeeds or not.


The corporate suit in the glass tower may think he’s a big time marketer but he’s not doing marketing that matters and because of that he’ll never be a true success.