How To Talk To a CEO in Bare Feet

Around the office, I keep getting asked, “How did you get the guts to talk to our CEO at the party? AND you were barefoot?!"

As an ambitious female, I often feel that I am prone to “break that glass ceiling” on occasion. Sometimes, I feel the urge to leap outside my comfort zone and see how far I can push. In a corporation, that can be dangerous, but it’s NOT as scary as you think.

Here are my three take-aways:

1.         Remember that all head honchos are JUST people.

My husband taught me this. He reinforces that grandiose titles do not make people superhuman. At one point in their life, they were at the same place as me. One day, I will be in their shoes. It’s just a matter of time.

2.     Always be prepared for a discussion with a head honcho.

Thankfully, I had my husband nearby to jumpstart the conversation. If I would have thought through a potential discussion point before happening upon the CEO and his wife, I would have not felt so jittery and stumbled over my words. Thankfully, I recovered on the spot. We’re not always so lucky.

3.     Go barefoot. It makes a statement.

This is for the ladies. You may think that those “Devil Wears Prada” heels give you an aura, but you know what? The power play is going barefoot and carrying those heels. That’s when I found myself face-to-face with the CEO and his wife, and I played it up. Shoes or not, you can rock that conversation with the head honcho. Don’t be afraid to engage. It’s a power play. You’ve got the guts, and they’ll listen.

Tell me about a time when you talked to someone outside your comfort zone? Any tips?

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