Content Marketing Is Calculated Seduction

Content marketing is calculated seduction, both creative yet analytical. We’re humans. We want to be seduced, to be pulled into a story that delights us with its edginess, its potency, its resonance. Even the most resistant cannot help but be compelled by a well-crafted story. We know them intimately and understand what moves them to engage and then purchase. But, what the consumer doesn’t see is our calculated approach to creative content.  

The Either Or Dilemma

Too often in our field, we find experts at either the analytical or the creative end of the spectrum. For example, recruiters will either post “Marketing Strategist” or “Data Analyst.” Read the job descriptions, and you’ll discover that most companies cannot fathom how the two disciplines could merge within one marketer. I not only challenge that perception, but I can prove it’s possible. The thought leaders within our industry exemplify this best. A stellar example is Brian Solis, his creative brilliance supercharges his analytical focus at Altimeter Group. Even marketers are compelled by his material, and we are a picky bunch.


The New Breed

As the new breed of content marketer, I believe there are two essential components to success: the analytical and the creative. At times, we embrace the analytical side, immersing our minds in research and obsessing over facts. In an instant, our mental pendulum swings to the creative, pursuing our imagination and dreaming what could be. One element is incomplete without the other.


The Evolution

Evolving as a content marketer from the early days of writing, my paltry poem in 3rd grade about the Vitamin Man, to now leading a large corporation’s content and social strategy, I have followed a detailed roadmap. That journey included my first featured article in Bird Magazine to penning psychological thrillers to ghostwriting for corporate executives.  My approach is now fine-tuned, a deliberative practice. If this is also your journey, be patient with your evolution. With persistence, it’s inevitable.


The Darby DNA

According to my respected mentor, Darby Williams, you might possess this DNA for calculated seduction if:

  • You have an insatiable appetite to learn and grow.
  • You love to reimagine what is possible.
  • You are the exception to the rule that people are either creative OR action-oriented.
  • You can find critical knowledge gaps and insecurities and create the content to inform and guide them to confidence and success.
  • You reference data as a key element to building and supporting insights.
  • You are a challenger, challenging how people look at their business and how things get done.
  • You set high standards for yourself and make big things happen.


I have discovered it’s not only essential to understand the online landscape, but it is also critical that marketers attain the polished approach required to drive measurable results. Practicing the art of calculated seduction is our craft, and it’s ever morphing into new forms through new media.


Discussion Question: Are you also a content creator or marketer with inclinations toward both the analytical and the creative? Which side comes more naturally to you?