Can a Professional Be Creative and Analytical?

Have you spotted the new class of professional? They are currently revolutionizing the industry. Though they are still too few in number, I predict they will begin dominating within five years. What differentiates them from the traditional professionals? They possess equally strong skill sets in both the analytical and creative realms. When searching for a new marketing professional to join my team, I seek out one who possesses both creative and analytical traits. I find this type generate the most innovative ideas based upon measurable results. These are my top ten traits to determine whether the new team members rank higher for creative or analytical traits, or an equal mix of both.




Creative Traits

  1. CommunicatorThey ignite an audience through imaginative storytelling. They possess an uncommon ability to convey their messages through their voice, their words and their visuals. They can mesmerize a crowd with their tailored, practiced charm.
  2. Flavorful – They pride themselves on their flavorful marketing styles. Just like chocolate and vanilla attract opposite connoisseurs, they know just which flavor to mix in to each piece of content or campaign based upon understanding the flavor of their target consumer.
  3. Passionate – They are excited about what they promote. Ideally, they believe in the positive impact that their product will make on the consumer. They inject their passion into every marketing campaign. They’re the brand ambassadors.
  4. Energetic – They are enthusiastic and brimming with energy. They search out unique methods to engage their target consumer and drive sales of the product. Their consistent positivity is infectious.
  5. Innovative – They determine how they can accomplish the “never been done befores” in the industry. Through their higher-level thinking, they can translate the big picture into actionable ideas. They challenge how people look at their product.


Analytical Traits

  1. PolishedThey are polished in their approach. They possess a deep understanding of their consumer and how that consumer prefers to engage and purchase. They are experts in sophistication.
  2. Data-drivenThey insist that every marketing intiativie is quantified. They are motivated to create ideas and content based upon measurable results. The resulting data shapes their approach. Data informs their creativity.
  3. Detail-orientedThey challenge how things get done. They streamline work flow and set high standards for productivity. They could be considered nit-picky, but their impeccable character is unparalleled.
  4. ImplementerThey implement the big picture idea through determining action steps. They can manage a project through deliberate goal-setting. They establish metrics to measure that progress.
  5. FocusedThey prioritize focus as one of their greatest assets. Once the vision is established, they hone in and get to work. Getting things done, and done well, is their strength. 


Too often in our field, we find talented professionals with either analytical or creative skills. Some of us prefer to develop both. The beauty of this blend is that we get to experience the pros of each mindset. At times, we embrace the analytical side, immersing our minds in research and obsessing over facts. In an instant, our mental pendulum swings to the creative, pursuing our imagination and dreaming what could be.  The ride is exhilarating, if only we dared to cultivate what we considered to be our weaker skill set.

I am excited about a few of my up-and-coming team members. Their determination and passion for marketing inspire me each day to do my best work. Through strategically nurturing both their creative inclinations and their analytical prowess, I know that we can prove to the industry that it’s not only possible, but also profitable to develop this new class of professional.


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