Outsourcing: Do What Only YOU Can Do

What tasks, errands or things are you doing that ONLY you can do? There’s more that you can outsource than you think. This week has been one of deep introspection for me. I recently read the book, Less Doing, More Living by Ari Meisel. It’s a game changer. The premise of the book is to automatize or outsource any tasks that do not enhance your life. Thing is, I’ve heard that message before, but nobody ever gave me the toolbox to implement it. Ari does. Instead of just talking about the benefits of virtual assistants and creating processes, he shows you exactly how to do it affordably.

I have immersed myself in the concepts of the book, and it’s changing my mindset on my work. No longer am I unable to scale my business due to roadblocks of “not enough time.” Instead, I just need to figure out what I need to outsource, create a LOT of templates for assistants to complete those tasks and hire the right people/services to do so. For one month of outsourcing these tasks, it will cost me about $100.

Bottom line is outsource what you dislike or hate to do. I hate scheduling, and I hate phone calls. I began outsourcing my appointment scheduling and finally saw the dentist after nearly 2 years of not going. Why did I not go? I don’t like researching new dentists and scheduling on the phone. I outsourced to my assistant at Fancy Hands. Wah-la. I had an appointment scheduled at my ideal time (mornings), at a good dentist (per Yelp) and on the weekend (when I have the car)! I’ve already saved more than 1.2 hours in phone calls within five days. Cost = less than $10.

So, this week, I’m looking forward to streamlining the tasks that I want to/need to continue doing, just to make them more efficient. Should be fun!

What about you: Did you make any “game-changing discoveries” this past week? Tweet me about it!