Do You Believe in Demons?

  Lurking spiritual forces hide beneath your bed infiltrating your hellish nightmares.  You wake up in a cold sweat grasping your palpitating heart.  Guilt shadows your initial waking thoughts.  You allowed satanic forces to dominate your subconscious – how dare you! If you have ever experienced this dastardly cycle, you may have fallen prey to unsubstantiated belief in the ethereal.  


Do you believe in demons?  It’s not your everyday topic discussed during dinner, unless you grew up in a family dedicated to spiritual warfare.  I would not advise you inject this question into your conversations with coworkers.  If your goal is to elicit sideways stares and scrunched up eyebrows, then I make an exception.


I believed in demons.  I envisioned them trouncing through my bedroom as a child.  I could feel them permeate my unconscious mind.  I could…almost hear their voices.  Was it akin to that cartoonish image of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.  Not exactly.  These spirits were more sinister, devious and indirect.   


I had an “evil” thought.  I wanted to get my brother in trouble.  It wasn’t my fault.  It was the demon, of course.  He was the one whispering into my head how to do it without getting caught.  No, the voice was not audible. Instead, it was a sensation I recognized as not my own.  Of course, this was due to spiritual conditioning by the adults in my life.  They were preparing me to be a spiritual warrior against Hell’s legions.  I believed them.  Why shouldn’t I trust them?  They had my best interest in mind, didn’t they?


I wrestled.  I fought.  I warred against the devil himself.  At least…that’s what I thought I was doing.  Maybe there were a few pieces of this ideology that didn’t fit.  Maybe.  I’d have to give it a bit more thought…so I did.