How Did My Family End Up Blended?

By: Quay Hayden

I’m old school.  I’m from the boomer generation, a time when traditional families were not only the norm but any deviation was looked upon with suspicion and sometimes worse.  I’ve been fortunate to have the same wife for 41 years so a blended family wasn’t something I thought about very often.  Then my youngest daughter came of age.  She turned 23 this month.  She chose to have two children in the last two years by two fathers and didn’t marry either one.


So what do you do when the beliefs you hold conflict with the reality you’re experiencing.  In our case we chose reality, we chose family.  So we have a 20 month old and a 9 month old living with us now. And as I mentioned last week, I was re-organized out of my job a year ago and decided to start my own business.    So now I work from home and help my wife take care of the kids while our daughter works.  Not your traditional family or traditional employment situation.  It’s amazing how life happens and we have to figure it out as we go.


So, do I recommend a blended family?  That’s not for me to say.  What I can say is that I hope at some point my daughter experiences a relationship so filled with love and joy that whatever blending has to occur will be considered only as an afterthought.  That is a reality I would enjoy.


How about you?  Do you have a blended experience or more traditional?  Let us know what you think.