Five Steps to Having it All Right Now!

Hey everyone, it’s Mindi Rosser from and today I’m asking the question ‘Can Women Have it All?’

This question is often debated by stay-at-home Mom’s, by career women, and is a question that always be argued. I personally believe that women can have it all. Why do I say that? I believe there are certain areas in our lives that we can control. And our areas in our lives that at times we cannot control. The choices I make and attitudes I have will determine how productive I am.

Here are some tips you can implement into your life to make you more optimized.

1) Sleep: If you can get enough sleep you will notice a huge change in your productivity. If you have interruptions like a little one maybe you need to try a nap to help you get enough sleep.

2) Eat Optimally: Even though things might get tight financially I will not skimp on food. Currently I’m eating according to the Bulletproof lifestyle which is basically eat clean meats, eat a lot of veggies, save your carbs for the evening. I’ve tried many diets but nothing helps me turn on my brain like Bulletproof.

3) Exercise: Don’t do exercise to the point that it drains you mentally. I’ve been going on walks this summer and that has helped my productivity exponentially. That time exercising will help you center yourself and give you a re-boot to help you through your day. Whatever makes you feel invigorated and turns your brain on, do that.

4) Get help when you need it: As females with a type A personality I have trouble asking for help. If you have young ones that need tending to maybe you can ask a grandparent, neighbor or someone you trust to help out now and then. Take advantage of opportunities like when your husband takes the kids to the store to get things done.

5) Give yourself a break: You need to allow yourself to have some down time. Do some fun things that you love because that will help you be more productive during the time when you have to buckle down and focus.

Those are my five tips and they are things you have probably heard a lot but what you need to do is take that next action. You need to implement them into your life. So just pick one and do one small change this week. I challenge you to do that and I want to know how you do.