How I Found My Future!

By Amanda Schrubb  

It all started this year, my senior year of high school, when one question was continuously asked, “What are you going to do with your life?”  I started to research jobs that would best fit my personality and skills.  Marketing seemed to fit perfectly.  The more I researched marketing (and also became an intern at Mindi Zone Marketing), I have grown to realize this job requires skills that I possess.  I am able to communicate and network with individuals, be creative and brainstorm ideas and also be involved with technology and the latest trends.


As a kid, I made friends with ease.  For example, my parents were delighted that I could go and play at the park for an hour or two and return introducing them to my new best friends I had just met.  I absolutely love getting to know new people and all different types of personalities. A marketing career would definitely give me the opportunity to use my social skills.


Being creative is definitely my forte.  I could do projects and brainstorm or be artistic for hours.  I do excel in school, but I have never been the best at studying or keeping on track with homework because I tend to constantly drift off into my creative world. Marketing would challenge me to achieve my goals, but I also would be able to use my creativity in the process.


Technology has always intrigued me. The possibilities are endless.  I love to stay current in our world and read what the latest trends are in many categories. I have realized that the best marketers use technology to reach millions of consumers, and I would be able to use my technological skills in many ways.


I have always heard about marketers and what they do, and at first, I thought I would have to sit behind a desk all day just typing away.  That is a portion of the job, but not the full picture. In marketing, I would be able to connect with individuals and experience new situations and challenge myself.  Studying to become a marketer would be a perfect fit.  I could use all different skills, and in marketing, I could look for a job in any industry.  This internship has been a blessing and has revealed exactly what a marketer does. I hope to be challenged and be pushed to better myself.  I am so excited for my future in the business world and hope to make a difference some day.