How to Get Clicks on Your Tweets

Are you new to social media marketing on Twitter? If so, you may be wondering what posting formula to use for your tweets. As a nerdy community manager, I intuitively understand which formulas work best for different types of content.

The formula I’m going to share today is my “get clicks” formula. No, it is not the prettiest formula out there, but you WILL get clicks. This is the perfect posting formula to use if you just wrote a blog, recorded a video or are making a special offer to your fans and want them to CLICK.

Formula: Action Verb + Type of Content + Tagged Names of the Content Creators + Benefit to Fan → bitly link  #hashtag

That might not make sense in formula format, so let’s look at an example below.

Calculation Sample
Calculation Sample

Let’s dissect the post to analyze the format.

Action Verb: Tune in

Type of Content: to this NEW podcast interview

Tagged Names: with Caryn Zinn

Benefit to Fans: about the benefits of ketogenic diets for athletes

The All-Important Arrow: —>

Bitly Link:

Hashtag: #athlete

That’s it! If you only master one posting format, THIS is the one I’d choose. I also have a host of other formulas that I use for different reasons on social channels, but this is a keeper.

Ready to implement? Try out this posting formula on Twitter, and let me know your results by shooting me an email (and screenshot of your tweet!) to