How Do You Define Success?

I spent 30+ years in the corporate world before having the opportunity to come to the Mindi Zone.  And in those years it was relatively easy to know if you were successful, at least by their standards.  There were company sales goals and individual performance goals.  And it seemed like there was constant feedback for you to know if you were succeeding.  You had weekly sales reports and quarterly performance reviews so you knew within the corporation if you were successful.  

But then I started my own business as a virtual assistant and the question I had to ask myself was how do I measure my success?  One way would be numerical.  How many clients do you have?  How much money are you making?  Is my business profitable?


But if you’ve been in the Mindi Zone very long you know that Mindi is about more than numbers.  So now how do I define success.  I think one large component to consider is relevance.  Is what you’re doing relevant?  Are the services you’re providing pertinent? Some people would consider the services I provide as somewhat menial.  As an assistant I’m doing tasks that some consider boring and repetitious.  For the most part these are tasks that my clients would rather not have to do.


So how do I know if I’m successful?  As Mindi has mentioned in previous posts, if it doesn’t provide you with the satisfaction you need then the job is probably not for you.  When I lay my head on the pillow each night I feel very satisfied that I have provided the service my clients need, that I have helped them further their business by accomplishing those tasks that slow them down.  And I believe that makes me successful.


What’s your definition of success?  Please leave a comment and let us know.