How I Wrote My Second Thriller Novel


As an avid reader, I'm always interested in what happens behind the scenes with the author's writing process. Here's how I plotted and wrote my second novel, Twice Tempted...  

September 18, 2011 – The Storyboard –  Have you ever wondered how an author plots a story?  This is my storyboard for Twice Tempted.  It looks like a menagerie of colors, but each post-it note refers to a character, a scene, an emotion, or location.  Each rectangle of the grid stands for a scene in the book.  Since Book One: Playing God, I have streamlined this process.  I have also created a portable plotting board instead of denigrating our apartment wall.  My hubby appreciated this adjustment. :)

September 25, 2011 – This week, I labored to write a lengthy synopsis for each scene in the book.  Each synopsis included dialogue, character sketches, descriptions, setting, point-of-view, and timelines.  Though this may be labor-intensive, it allows me to revise the novel more easily.  Each synopsis is a scene/chapter which ties together to tell the succinct story.

October 8, 2011 – The first draft for Twice Tempted is complete.  I finished it one week earlier than expected.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of this outlining and drafting process.  Twice Tempted and Playing God will be shelved until mid-December.  Then, I will begin the 2nd draft of Playing God.

October 16, 2011 – In the meantime, I’m on to the next writing project after a 1 week “vacation.”  Well, it’s a vacation of sorts – – I’ll be working on my online platform, marketing strategies, and learning how to create videos on iMovie. :)


2015 Update — This book has been "simmering" for the past four years, and I'll be going through the revision process in late 2016. Will be interesting to see how my perspective has changed since writing the first draft of this book.