How to Deal with Niggling Middles

Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable middle, in-between place? I call it the niggling middle. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s when you’re not quite at the beginning of a new journey, but you’re not quite settled into your groove, yet. I don’t know about you, but this is where I am. We find it all too easy to get frustrated and question ourselves for the choices we’ve made to get this far. Heck, at least we’re not at the very beginning! We semi-know (is that even a word?) what goal we want, but we just need to push through the niggling middles.

When we get discouraged by the niggling middles, it helps to reflect. No better time than now. But when we’re in that uncomfortable middle place, for what exactly do we express gratitude?

Here’s how I’ve been reframing my niggling middles to show gratefulness for each one.


Rebranding the Mindi Zone

I’m a 0-60 kind of gal. When I envisioned my new direction for the site, I wanted everything done…and yesterday. Instead of allowing myself to get frustrated by the time factor to rebrand, I realized that I am building a solid foundation for this counterculture life website and community.

I am thankful for…time and space to fully realize the potential and direction of my passion.


Getting more time in the day

It’s been 17 months since I birthed Mikayla, but it still feels like years since I’ve had any down time. She’s an active toddler, ever getting into mischief. No matter how much I love her, it still feels very challenging to get anything done (let alone the “what matters most” stuff) in a day.

I am thankful for…the time that I do get to spend with Mikayla and the hour here-and-there that I get to spend alone. Grandparents are wonderful!


Growing out my hair

This may sound a bit trivial, but any gal who’s gone from short-to-long hair understands. (Or, you guys who have decided to grow out that facial hair, like my own hubby did.) I’m growing out my blonde bob. I’m going back to my more natural dark blonde, long and curly style. Right now, I feel like it’s in that shaggy dog stage, where it’s too short to let it go curly but too long to do the bob.

I am thankful for…being able to pull that hair back into a ponytail again. Progress. That makes workouts and housework a LOT easier.


Getting my fitness back

Before getting pregnant, I was a hardcore figure competitor and gym rat. Then, my goal was to outlift and outwork all the guys in the gym (except my ultra-buff hubby). After pregnancy, my original goal was to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight. But, that goal changed when I ironically gained a solid 10 lbs. of muscle in just under 17 months. I’m now stoked that I can carry more muscle and have a hotter metabolic furnace (i.e. can eat more food.) Even my lab results improved!

I am thankful for…a healthy body that allows me to be active and participate in the activities I enjoy most.


Your Turn: What about you? What niggling middles are you facing, and how can you show gratefulness for them? Tweet me or email me at!