How to Find a Job Outside of Cubicle Nation

Ready to break down the walls of your cubicle and find a job outside of cubicle nation?  Here’s 10 things to look for when you decide to move on.

Here’s the transcript for those that prefer to read:

Cubicles can happen no matter where you are, whether in a corporate office, agency or even a small business.

What’s a cubicle? Here’s my definition: Any workspace where you feel confined to a desk or office space along with other coworkers. Key phrase is, “where YOU feel confined.” This could mean tight quarters (like the Office Space movie) or even some “open office” settings.

I don’t think “working outside a cubicle” is for everyone, but if you find yourself feeling confined, you need to explore your options.

You may want a job outside Cubicle Nation if…

  • You are an introvert.
  • You prefer to get things done than to socialize.
  • You are a self-starter and are self-motivated.
  • You like to work independently on a project before collaborating with a team.
  • You kinda’ like to break rules and buck the system.

10 things to look for when searching for a job…

  1. Position that requires less micromanagement.
  2. Freedom to “own” projects and work independently.
  3. Read the job description VERY carefully to look for “warning” keywords.
  4. Research the company to find out their policies for workshifting or flexible arrangements.
  5. Negotiate to have at least 1-2 days of working from home each week.
  6. Meet the team during your interviews to determine if they value a team’s accomplishments over an individual’s accomplishments.
  7. Ask questions during the interview process.
  8. Be up-front with the interviewer about the conditions that help you to work “within your zone of genius.”
  9. Be patient in the job search process. It’s better to take your time finding the right fit for your working style than to jump at the chance to join a “cool company” that does not mesh well with you.

10. Have fun!

Your Turn: Do you prefer working within or outside Cubicle Nation, and why?