How to Find Bargains on Home Exercise Equipment

  Peering in the windows of the high-end neighborhood fitness center, longing wells within you to join the ranks of the fit.  A dawning illumination inspires you to begin your personal exercise regimen. Since you prefer the privacy of your own home rather than sweating with workout-a-holics, creating a home fitness center is your best option. Scrutinizing your budget closely, you allocate a limited amount to purchase some quality equipment.


Flipping through various fitness outlets, the prices of equipment astound you.  To acquire one machine would liquidate your cash stash.  Browsing the websites advertised through the Google search engine, you are met with the same dilemma.  Astronomical costs seem to prohibit you from obtaining your dream body.  Going through this ordeal myself, I discovered hidden sources to reveal bargain deals on exercise equipment.  Try the following three places to get the best value for your dollars.


1. Craiglist

Craigslist is my first place to check for sturdy equipment.  Craigslist is a free website to post to the classifieds in a U.S. city near you.  Locals will often advertise their exercise paraphernalia on this site with detailed descriptions, pictures, and pertinent information.  If you find a good price on the desired equipment, contact the seller by phone or e-mail.  Be sure to ask any questions you may have regarding the condition, benefits, or features of the product.  Arrange for a time to view the equipment.  Ensure that you bring cash with you to the appointment, in case you want to purchase the equipment immediately.  You can often haggle over the price, especially if the seller is desperate to rid himself of the apparatus.  This site is similar to an on-line garage sale.  


2. Freecycle

If you are characterized by your friends as the ultimate cheapskate, this may be the site for you.  Freecycle is an environmentally conscious website designed to keep well-used items from the landfills.  Members can list for free any WANTED or OFFER items they would like to receive or discard.  Local members respond to the ads via e-mail, and the respondent typically asks when he can pick up the free item. To join this site, create a personal account in the city nearest you.  Once you are accepted into the community, you are supposed to list an OFFER of an item before listing a WANTED ad.  Once you give away an item, list a WANTED ad with the specific exercise equipment you would like.  Oftentimes, you will receive multiple responses based upon the availability of your fitness gear.  The key is to respond as soon as possible in order to spare the “freecycler” from wondering.  Also, check the posts for OFFER ads regularly.  Again, I cannot overemphasize the importance of responding immediately.


3. Wal-Mart

If you are not internet-savvy, stop by your local Walmart to find the exact equipment for an unbeatable price.  Walmart promises to match any advertised price from other retailers, so take advantage of this offer.  Those who prefer new gadgets rather than used should search the Walmart shelves prior to any other outlet.  Their selection is incredible, especially for the beginning exerciser.


These top three locations have proven to be the best sources for the economical shopper.  Thrift is essential to the average American in this economy.  There are several deals to find from these three sources.  Get fit!  Get shopping!