How to Juggle Multiple Marketing Clients Without Losing Your Mind

Whether you're a freelancer or a small business transitioning into building products and programs you will need to know how to juggle multiple clients and remain productive. Here's 5 tips to show you how.

Hi everyone, it’s Mindi Rosser with, where we do marketing that matters and today we’re talking about how to juggle multiple marketing clients if you are a freelancer or maybe you’re a small business trying to transition into building products and programs out of your marketing services.

So here’s what you need to do:

1) Get a virtual assistant I have an incredible virtual assistant. His name is Quay Hayden and I have a link here if you want to reach out to him. He has a great virtual assistant company and he’s based in the US. Something I love about having a US based virtual assistant who’s so professional is that they speak the same language so when you assign them a task you don’t have to over explain. You may think because you are a marketing freelancer that you can handle all of it yourself, but you can’t. You also have a brand to build and if you’re so absorbed in your marketing clients work you’re just going to neglect yourself.

2) Build a strong personal brand You need to be active on all of the marketing channels that you are telling your clients to be active on. I struggle with this because I have five different communities that I am managing personally and it’s like putting on a bunch of different hats, all within a day. And after you’ve done all of that the last thing you may want to do is go tweet from your own handle or create a post on Facebook. But you need to have a strong brand because any potential marketing client is going to look at your personal profile to see if you are doing what you are telling your clients that they should be doing.

3) Have a project management system I currently use Asana but use whatever project management system works for you and don’t neglect it. Even if you don’t check in with your system for a day you’re going to get behind because there are so many different deadlines and you’re trying to juggle all of them. You’re trying to be everything to everyone at all times. A good project management system will help you organize, it will help you execute and will keep your clients very, very happy. So check out Asana. It’s free and I like to use it with my virtual assistant because we can communicate in there and he can jump in where he sees I need help. It’s such a cool tool and I hope you check it out.

4) Prioritize Some clients are paying you more and some clients aren’t paying you as much. You want to say you are treating all of your clients the same, but you don’t. Unconsciously, you’re prioritizing one above the other because 1) your passionate about what they do or 2) they pay you more. I’ve had to push some of my lower paying clients down my list because one of my higher paying clients is going to be doing this huge project that they want me to execute. So figure out your priorities and make sure you deliver on what you promise your lower paying clients as well. Make sure you communicate with your lower paying clients so that they know your availability and you can make room for the higher paying projects.

5) Build a program You need to build systems and you need to build templates. Templates for us marketers are life savers. They will help you with every aspect of every project that you do. You can build a library of templates that you can reference when you get a new project and adapt a current template to fit a new project. So make sure you are building and saving templates for each of your clients. Those are my tips for juggling marketing clients without losing your mind. If you have any questions or suggestions or any questions about marketing, minimalism or counter culture, all the things you see on my YouTube channel just give me a shout at I’ll look forward to hearing from you and seeing you next week.

Whether you're a freelancer or a small business transitioning into building products and programs you will need to know how to juggle multiple clients and remain productive. Here's 5 tips to show you how.