Why the #MindiZone is Going Counterculture!

Wonder why you may notice some changes around the website? It's because we are transitioning our community FROM being focused on social media for pros TO becoming the go-to site for us counterculturalists! Watch the video to learn more.

And, here's the transcript for you visual scanners (like me)...

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect to find on the site…so you’ll feel like you’re one of us!

I’ll tell you a little bit about me and my vision for our community. I’m someone who’s always been known to “live outside the box,” so to speak. I’ve gone through several different lifestyle changes, geographical moves and career switches. All because I don’t feel like I fit in with cultural norms and society expectations.

I was always searching for “that one niche” where I could fit in. Sound familiar?

What I discovered as a common theme for me is that I’m a counterculture girl by nature. All my life, I feel like well-meaning people have tried to “put me in a box” of some sort. I may enjoy “the box” for a little while, but then, I’m ready to explore outside it.

I’ve found that whenever the mainstream says to do something one way, I look for the opposing point-of-view and how I can buck the norm. This approach has brought me a lot of success and fulfillment along the way, and I would not give it up for anything! It’s what gets me going in the morning, and I know I’m not the only one.

Problem is that people like us feel guilty because we are not “specialists” in any one thing. Because we’re always exploring new ideas and searching for ways to grow as individuals outside the typical American Dream, we feel like misfits. We’re counterculture. That’s all there is to it.

My vision for this site is to create a community where we can explore our interests and continue to expand our potential as ambitious human beings. I want you to feel inspired to try that new bio-hack or test out a new productivity program or explore the challenges of a blended family. For us here in the Mindi Zone, it’s all about how we are going counterculture!

If you’re a counterculture guy or gal, I want to hear from you. Simply leave a comment below or shoot me an email here.