Is Faster Always Better When Building Your Business?

Have you ever felt pressured to spend 80+ hours a week doing all the things the gurus tell you to build your business ‘faster’? I know I have. I still do. I compare myself to many of the superstar marketers and those ‘lifestyle brands gone viral.’  

What I often forget to take into account are the sacrifices that many have made to get to that point. When I look deeper into their stories, I notice the sacrifices that they were willing to make are things I would not give up, no matter what. Their path is not my path. It’s that simple.


For me, it all comes back to living in accordance with my values, even if that requires I take a longer journey than those around me.


I like to take the time periodically to list the things I value most. This allows me to check whether my current lifestyle is beginning to get off track or is on-point with my core values. It also helps me to stay focused on what I enjoy most about my life.


  • Health - I am unwilling to sacrifice my health for “getting more things done.” My health is the foundation for happiness, productivity and being fully present.


  • Wellness - I am adamant about protecting my emotional and mental wellbeing. Wellness is feeling good in my body, in my mind and in my spirit.


  • Fitness - Sure, maybe getting 30 minutes of daily activity is enough for most people. But for me, I need to work out at least 3-4 times weekly and lift heavy things.


  • Freedom - My definition of freedom is being able to set my own schedule and hold myself accountable for getting things done when I want to. If I want to take the afternoon off to spend time with the family, I should have that choice.


  • Working from home - This is a non-negotiable for me, now. If I cannot do the work from home, it’s not worth doing. Pay me six figures, but I’d turn it down any day if I had to spend 40+ hours a week in a cubicle.


  • Family - I still struggle with this one, as I am a workaholic. I ensure I have the bandwidth to “hop in the truck for a ride into town” with my hubby, as we have some of our best conversations while walking together or driving together.


  • Doing work that matters - I prioritize work that matters to me personally and on a deeper level than financial compensation. I am now working towards having a client base that is only filled with projects that deeply matter to me.


  • Providing for my family - Because I am the breadwinner for the family, this is non-negotiable. I cannot just drop my client base to go work on a passion project.


  • Emotional bandwidth - For more than a decade, I’ve been known as “Ice Woman.” Through my Get Headspace meditation practice, I am discovering how to become more emotionally available to those in my inner circle.



  • Free time - If every spare minute is jam-packed with work, I don’t get the restoration I need to just “be Mindi.” Downtime is crucial for me.



  • Nourishing food - My mom and dad joke about how I won’t spend a dime on clothes, but I’ll pay a premium for grassfed, pastured local meat. Why? Because I’m investing in my long-term health and boosting the local economy in the process.


  • Biohacking lifestyle - Yep. Guys have their gadgets, and I have mine. I like to try new biohacks that will improve my focus, productivity and health. If that means dropping $199 for the HeartMath emWave2, I do it.

Your Turn: What is NOT worth giving up, even if it meant you could build your business ‘faster’? Shoot me an email to or tweet me @mindizone to tell me about it.