Join the Mindi Zone!

The Mindi Zone is the online show for professionals seeking to advance their careers through social media strategy and personal branding.

Why does social media even matter for professionals? Isn’t it just a place for entrepreneurs and small business owners to hawk their products/services?

Each week, I will meet you here on the Mindi Zone Web Show with a Q and A from other professionals, just like you, who want to accelerate their careers.

Social Media is already replacing “the antiquated resume.” Are you going to embrace the now and future, or will you just ignore the obvious and continue down the old paths of career advancement.

Working as a social media marketer and the community manager for Rosetta Marketing, I have developed strategies and systems for thought leaders in our agency. I want to share them with you and help you reach social media euphoria.

I look forward to getting to know you in the Mindi Zone! Are you in?