Why Doesn't LinkedIn Work For Me?

Question of the Week:  “Why doesn’t LinkedIn work for me? I put up my profile, but I get no action.”

So, you’ve created a LinkedIn profile and imported your connections from Outlook to connect. What next? Aren’t all the power-hitting superstar CEO’s going to start connecting with you? What’s that you say? You’ve only had one international sales guy send you a request to connect. This LinkedIn thing just doesn’t work!

Aha! You’ve felt that frustration, just like I have. I expected that since I was a dynamic person “in person” that everyone would just flock to my profile. I guess I had a case of “prima donna” syndrome.

Here are three ways to begin supercharging that LinkedIn profile:

1.     Grow your network.

Start connecting with everyone on your immediate teams at work. Connect with past colleagues. Connect with those you follow on Twitter. Connect with people in your LinkedIn Groups. Connect with any professionals within your personal network, as they might have valuable local ties. Just start connecting.

2.    Start posting status updates.

This is easier than you think. Repost some of your colleague’s updates. Share your company’s updates. (If they’re not posting, talk to the community manager!) Keep it professional, but start adding a bit of pizzazz to your LinkedIn profile with these!

3.    Follow companies that interest you (or you’d like to work for.)

If you want to be a cutting-edge professional, you better be following those companies in your industry. You know which ones they are. They are the “dream companies” that you want to work for. They’re the ones that your CEO always compares your company to. Start following them. You’ll also discover some other interesting connections by watching who “likes” those companies’ status updates.

There’s a far deeper strategy to LinkedIn, but these tips will get you started.

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