Finding Local Food at Farmers Markets [on a budget]

What are the best ways to maintain a real foods diet?  One of our favorites is the local farmer’s market and today we’re taking you on a tour.

Here’s the transcript for those who prefer to read:

Hi, it’s Mindi and Lola and we’re taking a tour of the Big Bear Lake California farmer’s market because this month we’ve been talking about real food and this is one place we like to go for family outings.  And we don’t really always buy much her but we’re going to take a tour and show you some of our favorite vendors.

What I really, really like getting is the grass fed beef and they now have grass fed beef at the Big Bear farmer’s market, so we’re really, really excited.  I’m going to try the liver today and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here’s another place that really enjoy just sampling.  They have some delicious teas.  So I’m thinking we’re going to get some tea.  Maybe not this week, but maybe next week.

This is really cool stand because they sell a local olive oil and honey.  And what I’m most interested in, I found out from Less Doing Man, Ari Meisel, check out his blog, is that if you eat local honey it will actually help you with your allergies.  So I’m going to give it a shot.

Here’s Lola, you can kind of see her head, but this is where we get our eggs.  This is Wendy’s, she’s our egg lady.  There’s Jason and he’s picking up the eggs.  And it’s really cool because, you can’t see it, but behind Wendy’s house she has a bunch of chickens.  So we get the most delicious eggs from Wendy.

So this concludes are farmer’s market video and eating local.  I really, highly recommend it.  It does cost a little bit more money but it definitely is worth it because you are supporting local business.  So here we go, this is Lola.  She’s drinking her locally brewed ice tea, and Mikayla.  And we are out.  See you next time.  Bye everyone.