3 Mainstreamer Misconceptions about Counterculture

What types of misconceptions does the mainstream have about those who embrace various countercultures? In this episode, I answer Ela's question from YouTube:  

"It seems to me that many people who define themselves as counterculture are merely trying so hard to deviate that their actions and preferences become falsified. If someone is always trying to avoid the mainstream/be unique, won't they risk dismissing things they actually could have liked if it had not been recognized by society?"

And, here's the transcript!

1. Mainstreamer Misconception #1: Counterculturists are trying hard to deviate.

Not the case for most Counterculturists. The majority of us were not on a mission to deviate from the mainstream. We “ended up” there only after trying several different ways to blend in with societal ideals.

2. Mainstreamer Misconception #2: Counterculturists are trying hard to be unique.

I don’t think we consider ourselves unique, but we just have discovered we have a different perspective than many of our peers. It’s not our intention to be unique. It IS our intention to live in accordance with our values, whether they match up with popular culture or not.

3. Mainstreamer Misconception #3: Counterculturists risk dismissing things they could have liked because they are "anti-society."

We are intensely curious by nature, and we explore ALL different types of things. These explorations are not limited only to activities shunned by society. Quite the contrary. Nothing is off limits to a counterculturist’s study. Whether society accepts the activity or not is of no consequence.


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