Mindi Zone Marketing: PreLaunch, Hiring Interns and New Programs!

They say change is inevitable and we are changing at the Mindi Zone. We’ve added some pages to our website that will better inform you on both counter culturist lifestyles and marketing programs. And we’re looking for some people to help us take it to the next level.

Here’s the transcript for those who prefer to read: Hi everyone, it’s Mindi Rosser from mindizone.com and today I’m talking a bit about where the Mindi Zone project is going.

We now have two different sections on the Mindi Zone. You’ll notice there’s a marketing & team section and there’s a blog & episode section. The blog & episodes are where you’re going to continue to get great content about living a counterculture life. Each week I do a blog and I also do a web show episode, which is what I’m doing right now, and I like to talk about the real life of a counterculturist. The ups and the downs. I’m a new Mom, I have a family of four plus a crazy bulldog, I’m trying to run a business and be the sole bread winner and it’s a lot to manage. So I like to talk about what that journey is like for me and what it’s like for my family in the Mindi Zone project section.You’ll also notice I just added a Marketing & Team section. The Marketing section is where I’m going to be launching my Marketing program. I’ve been a Marketing Consultant for a little while now but I want to branch out and do something bigger. Because there are so many other people I want to help and I can’t do it in the same fashion as a freelancer. I’ve got to treat it like a program because that’s what it is. And if I want my reach to expand it’s got to be bigger than just me.

I’m currently looking for a few interns as you’ll notice on that page. I’m looking for an analyst, someone who’s really interested in numbers. That is not my strong suit, and I’m very up front and honest about that. I’m also looking for a Community Manager, possibly two. If you’re really interested in engaging on social media channels then that might be a really good fit for you.

I’m also looking for a Marketing Generalist. If you are interested in learning about all facets of marketing from strategy to analytics to social media to community management, even a little bit of paid advertising and Facebook Ads and that sort of thing then you might want to apply for the Marketing Generalist position.

Now, how you can do this, you can just tweet me at @mindizone. In 140 characters or less tell me why you want to become an intern for the Mindi Zone. And just hashtag it #internmz and I will know what you’re talking about. And you can also connect with me on Twitter. I love meeting new people.

On the Team tab you will notice that I have now featured all of my team members. I’m really, really excited to have such a great team around me. I feel that’s really important. And that’s why I want to expand on that. I want to meet new people. And I really like the millennial, Gen-Y and Gen-Zer’s. So even if you’re in high school or you’re in college and you need a side gig going on, you would be the perfect person for the internship positions. And I’m also really good at writing recommendation letters and you’ll also get featured on the website and a lot of other online perks.

In the Marketing program section you will notice I am offering some new programs. My Marketing All-Star program is going to be launching soon, it’s in the Beta version right now. But it’s for any online brand or business who is either wanting to get started with marketing, spruce up their marketing or just get a game plan in place. Because a lot of times it’s really confusing where you should start, what you should focus on because it’s different for every brand and every person. So check out the Marketing All-Star program. It’s a 90 day program and it’s a very, very effective program. I’m getting a lot of results from my current clients using that system and I’ll be perfecting it. There’s a lot of perks and direct access to me and a lot of extras. If you’re just looking for a Single Marketing Strategy then that’s going to be the plan for you. Say you just want to get really good at social media or you just want to learn how to do media outreach then check out the single strategy.

So those are my two offering right now and they are brand spanking new! I’m going to be doing an official launch, this is the pre, pre-launch. I just wanted you to know what they are when you go to the website. On the About page you’ll notice that’s a little bit different too because now the Mindi Zone is not just about my lifestyle, it’s also about marketing. And marketing I believe in and causes that I care about. That’s how I feel like I can give back to the world. And to other people like you who are trying to live a counter culture life.

So if you’re interested in marketing and either joining my team or getting really savvy online just reach out to me or check out my website, mindizone.com and got to Marketing Team or the Marketing page and you’ll find a lot of details there. Or you can just shoot me an email. I cannot wait to connect with you online whether it’s here on YouTube or it’s across the social sphere. Reach out to me and let’s connect and let’s talk. Alright, I’ll see you next week and thank you for checking out this website update.