My 21-Year-Old Worldview After Leaving a Religious Cult

  My life has been quite a journey for me – these past 21 years.  Although I am still young, inexperienced, and unknowledgeable in many areas of life, my eyes have been opened to various paths of life.  The sky has been the limit for my choices, but I have chosen the specific path I am now traveling for a specific intent.  Some may say that I have “thrown away my life’s ambitions for a more relaxed, less-driven, and “unproductive” life.  To be honest, no one can make that judgment call on anyone else’s life.  That choice is an individual decision based upon the past and upon the anticipated future.


As for me, my life has been a series of emotionally traumatic ups and downs characterized by my “spiritual sensitivity” at the time.  Stability and patience have eluded me these past few years, as my future that was “set in stone” melted under volcanic heat.  For that drastic change, I take full responsibility, as well as, for the responding actions I took.  Yes, I have made my share of mistakes and have injured several people in the process, but I cannot hinder my future by focusing on the past.  Yes, I still do make mistakes on a daily basis and make unwise choices.  Still, I know that I will answer to God for the way I chose to live my life on earth, and no one can answer for me.


At this point in my life, the most important factor for me is to build a firm foundation in my new life.  My goal is to “plant roots” in this new arena, build lasting friendships, establish a family (no rush, though), and learn a heaping dose of patience.  My ambitions have been dramatically diverted from becoming a famous superstar in Christianity to a humble “normal person.” (I even go to parties – though don’t drink or smoke – listen to popular music, watch movies, wear whatever I like, etc.) Why do I long to be “normal” instead of “rocking the world”?  Well, maybe I will discover more fully my answer to that question.