My Journey to the Mindi Zone

By: Quay Hayden

I am Mindi’s assistant and no, I don’t in any way resemble that picture.  The first thing most of us think of when we hear the words assistant or admin is a cute, young female bringing coffee and whatever else her boss needs.  I bet even most of the cute, young females hate that sterotype.  And as we know, Mindi is a counterculturist so it’s not likely that she will be concerned with the common sterotypes.  In this case she went about as far the other way as possible.  I am a well matured male who is in no way cute!  So how did this come about?


Until October, 2012 I had been building a financial career having most recently been a credit analyst and a treasury management officer.  But in January, 2012 the bank I was working for decided to re-organize and my position was eliminated.  I was offered a sales position, which I accepted, but in October I decided that was not for me.  Not the best use of my skill set.  And being the age I was and the job market what it is, I decided the best option for me was to go into business for myself as a virtual assistant.  Mindi and I had met on LinkedIn and when she decided to make her break from corporate life, and devote herself to the Mindi Zone she decided she could use an assistant and selected me.


As I said earlier, I am a virtual assistant.  So while Mindi is enjoying the balmy weather of California, I am hugging my fireplace in frigid Minnesota.  But even as a virtual assistant I can provide Mindi with all of the services she needs.  The only service I can’t provide is bringing her coffee but we all know that wasn’t very likely anyway!


So for the next few weeks Mindi has granted me the privilege to be her guest blogger and share with you some of the experiences I’ve had with counterculture.  I hope you’ll come along and please let us know what’s happening with you in your quest.