I'm Recommending My Virtual Assistant, Quay Hayden

Need a virtual assistant?  Today I’ll tell you how my VA, Quay Hayden, provides the support I need to run my business.

Here’s the transcript for those who prefer to read:

Hey everyone, it’s Mindi Rosser from Mindizone.com, the Mindi Zone Project and today I want to leave a recommendation video for my fantastic, superstar, virtual assistant, Quay Hayden.

I’m just going to touch on a couple things that he does for me for the project that are incredible and outstanding.  Now many of you know that when you’re looking for a virtual assistant it can be very challenging.  Some of you probably look for those that are overseas while some of you look for those that are US based.  Quay is US based which I really, really like because there are no communication barriers.  We are on the same page about a lot of things.  He provides a lot of great suggestions, so it’s very, very easy to work with him.

One of the highlights I would share about Quay is that he has this talent where he can capture my social voice on my social media channels.  I really, really, really enjoy engaging on social media but doing the blog post sharing and things that can be scheduled I wanted to outsource.  So I gave that to Quay and he has run with it and done some incredible things.  And somehow he encapsulates who I am on social media and is my voice.  So I really, really appreciate that about him.

Another thing I like about working with Quay is that he is able to focus on all of these little tasks while I can focus on the big stuff like creating content.  So he does things for me like email management. That was the hardest thing for me to outsource by the way.  He does things like managing my editorial calendar, doing social media posts, social media reports and a lot of other things I can’t even count.  So I really, really appreciate him in those respects.

Now if you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant, of course I recommend Quay, but please don’t take too many of his hours.  Quay jumped on board the Mindi Zone when I was transitioning out of a full time job and starting to focus more on the Mindi Zone.  I was also very, very pregnant.  He came at the perfect time.  He was ready fare before I was ready and when I was ready I was impressed from day one by his communication skills.  He likes to communicate via email or maybe he does that because I like to communicate via email.  But that’s really important in a virtual assistant, to be able to communicate on the same channel that you do, whether you prefer the phone or google hangouts.  However you communicate, it’s important that your virtual assistant be able to communicate in those channels as well and Quay is excellent at that.

I really look forward to embarking on some big projects with him.  We are starting to gear up for our social media outreach program and he is taking the reins on that and starting to do some CRM for me.  So very, very exciting stuff ahead for the Mindi Zone project but I want to say one more thing about Quay.  Thank you Quay for all you do for the Mindi Zone project and I give a thumbs up and my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to hire you.