Outsourcing What You're NOT Good At

You know you need to outsource. Your mentors, colleagues and entrepreneurial friends are all talking about their virtual assistant. You’re thinking to yourself, “I just have no clue what I would even have a virtual assistant do!” If that thought has ever crossed your mind, this is the post for you. Let’s dig into how we are going to do the actual outsourcing.  

[Note: Before reading this article, read how to know what you’re NOT good at. In that article, I discuss the first step to finding out what you should outsource.]




As an optimization nerd, I enjoy experimenting with outsourcing techniques. If you want to learn more about optimization beyond this article, then check out Ari Meisel. He’s the expert on lifestyle/business optimization!


1. Is there an automated system that could do the job for you?


Review your list of things you wrote down about potential weaknesses for you in your business. Look at your possible solutions.


Example: I mentioned how I am not fond of doing manual input of metrics. When I decided that I wanted to address this issue, I came up with two solutions.


1) Find an automated system to capture metrics.

2) Outsource the task to one of my team members.


Good thing I had two solutions, because my clients were not a fan of the automated system. They preferred seeing their metrics in the spreadsheet, where all the other related tasks are kept. Therefore, I went with option two.


I most highly recommend checking out Ari’s Recommended Resources page to find out if there’s a system out there that could solve your problem. It’s the best lists I’ve found anywhere online for streamlining your business.



2. Do you need to hire someone?


If any of your solutions require someone else to do the task, you’ll need to look for either a virtual assistant or a specialist. You want to be very clear on your objectives before outsourcing any task.


You’ll need a specialist if…it’s a task that requires a certain skillset to complete. For example, if you need someone to manage your Wordpress website, you’ll need a Wordpress developer. Most general virtual assistants do not have this specific skill set.


You’ll need a virtual assistant if...it’s a task that can be completed with either a clear set of instructions or can easily be accomplished by an administrative assistant.  For example, checking/sorting your email inbox would be a simple task that your virtual assistant could perform for you.


Some tasks need a human touch. Period. If you have tasks that need a person to do them, you should look at hiring either a general virtual assistant or using a virtual assistant service.



3. Where can you find reputable, incredible virtual assistants?



  • LeapFrog VA Network - Helping YOU to find the perfect virtual assistant for YOU and YOUR business


  • TimeSvr - Virtual assistant service that is task-oriented. As many tasks as you want for just $70/month!


  • FancyHands - US-based virtual assistant service that is task-oriented. You pay per task. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth the extra cost if you need a US-based assistant to do a task.


  • Zirtual - Dedicated US-based virtual assistant. They have plans starting at $199/month.


  • Virtual Staff Finder - Find full-time, experienced General Virtual Assistants that are both dedicated to you and your business.


4.  Where can you find reputable, incredible specialists?


  • Elance - I have actually picked up marketing clients here, as well as, hired specialists to do work.


  • Fiverr - Any type of crazy gig can be done for just $5, plus these specialists can upsell you after the initial task.


  • Odesk - I have hired specialists here, and they did excellent multimedia work for me.



Enough resources for you? This week, I want you to pick one task that you can outsource within the next seven days. I’d love to hear how it goes.