5 Free Ways To Promote Your Online Brand

Megan Asks: Do you have any advice on what we could do to keep people interested in our music brand? I noticed Facebook is requiring us to pay to promote our page. Do you know of any free alternatives for promotion?

Mindi Answers: Here are five get-started ideas for promotion…yes, they’re free.

1.     Choose your channels.

That's where you want to begin building your following. Does your audience use any other social channels? If so, you want to create a profile there.

2.     Start connecting.

Begin following and promoting other artists that are at the same level as you are. Start promoting them on your channels, linking to their music, tagging them to give them shout-outs and sending them private messages.

3.     Create a social posting calendar.

There are several options to do this. I also have a free posting calendar I use for my clients to plan out posts.

4.     Start a blog or vlog.

This would be ideal to do once per week. Then, you will have somewhere to send your target audience to from your social channels. You could do all sorts of fun "behind-the-scenes" videos/photos.

5.     Start posting consistently to all channels.

To start: I would recommend 1-2 posts/day on Facebook, since that is your most active channel. Try starting to upload one video per week on YouTube.

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