Shifting Your Mindset Through Rebranding

In this episode, I explain why I rebranded the website and what my focus will be in 2016. Here are some topics I addressed:

  • Why did I shift from talking about marketing back to writing and reading?
  • Why is it important to follow your true calling, no matter what the business experts says or moneymaking gurus tell you?
  • Your website's goal does NOT need to be "monetizing what you do."
  • Why making progress on your passion projects matters.
  • How can we still juggle everything we're already doing AND our passion projects?
  • What's the value in a passion project?
  • How do we justify the time we spend on passion projects?

Your Turn: What goals would you like to accomplish in 2016? Any passion project you've put on the backburner while you focused on other priorities? I'd love to know how you make it all work!